I had seen recruiters struggling with search strings and i always tell them to analyze the requirements before you start a search, as a recruiter you just need to know what is required and how much is required, that is what you can find if you read the requirement carefully and make your notes for a search.

  • The Key Words:

Many of the recruiters copy key words from the Job Description and without analysing certain facts they start their search and expect relevant resumes or matching profiles should come up and they should contact the applicants through Bulk Emails no matter if he/she is a relevant profile or not, since the Job Seeker had mentioned those key words in their resume so they should get these emails and they should reply as well this what recruiters expect?  Its a wrong process all together. Copy and paste keywords from JD doesn’t help at all, infact Hiring Managers spend lot of time to prepare these JD to understand the recruiters, what kind of profile they are looking for and trust me, most of the time its a rosy picture, something like finding a pink camel but thats a somehow an idea of their current need not exactly the need, the might need a camel but not a pink and this is just an example, dont take it otherwise.

Recruiters ought to prepare his own key words to find the right candidate for the job, first of all you should understand not everyone is good in writing a resume and there are Job Seekers who doesn’t believe in writing 20 page of resumes, they want to keep it as simple as they can and that doesn’t mean that they dont have an experience in those technologies which you are looking for since they are not adding Key Words which you want doesn’t make them unqualified. So you got to understand if they hadnt mentioned those key skills everywhere in their resume that doesn’t mean they dont have enough experience in those skills though its just about they are precise. Hence design your key words by analyzing the requirements not just copy and paste and how do you design? Search and Search about those key skills more and try to understand their functions and how people use those skills in their day to day work and how important those key skills are, is it a routine key skills or pretty niche, either way but you should know this upfront before you conduct a search.

  •  A Super Example 

One of my recruiter was searching for Business Analyst and in JD, hiring manager had mentioned that he is looking for a junior Business Analyst who knows MS Word, Visio, RUP, Business Definition Requirements, Infrastructure Project Experience and so on and so forth and his string was “Business Analyst” AND “Microsoft Visio” AND “Business Definition Requirement” AND infrastructure and ofcourse he will get some results and he may find someone with these combinations but is it a mandate that every Business Analyst should write all these jargons as it is in their resumes or is it by law they are bound to mention these jargons since they are BA but a recruiter is limitizing potential matches while performing this search, visio or rup or brd’s is a routine job which they do every single day there is nothing special about it, howz about if we just search as (brd OR “business requirement document” AND visio AND infra*) and keep the Job Titles blank, try out, you will get desired results, what I mean is to find a BA you don’t need to mention Business Analyst in your string or lets take another example, try out (“app engine” AND sqr AND nvision OR stat) you will end up finding Peoplesoft Technical Developers Or another example try out (gate AND pump AND 11g) you will get Oracle DBA with Golden Gate experience and these are just examples to make you understand, why Key Skills and Search Strings are important.

Still have questions please feel free to write OR you liked it, feel free to share as much as you like. Spread the knowledge!  HAPPY Recruitment 🙂