LinkedIn :: Talent Pipeline

We do several efforts to make our profile impressive and searchable so that potential prospects can reach out to us and should contact us for their career needs. As a TAM (Talent Acquisition Management) team, we should be able to offer them better career options from our diverse range of requirements. Now for the next level of LinkedIn Recruitment should be, which is what I have I had below mentioned, which would help you to understand a difference between “Job Boards” and Social Media Tools and LinkedIn.

First Of all :: LinkedIn is not just a Job Board to source candidates and it’s not a free portal to post & pray either.

I am sure you would have an obvious question available, which is, “then why would you need it ?” if you cannot get candidates from LinkedIn. Well ! to answer your question, that is what we intend to do, but there is a process which needs to be followed for LinkedIn.

And I want you to understand, think and act on following lines, which would help you to achieve your professional and associated organization goals. Below mentioned thought process should be adapted and followed religiously, if you would like to see impressive results coming in near future. Let me remind you, it won’t happen instantly as it’s a time taking process. Rome was not built over the night either.

Developing a Strong Talent Pipeline

What is the talent pipeline?

“Talent pipeline” refers to an organization’s ongoing need to have a pool of talent that is readily available to fill positions at all levels of management (as well as other key positions) as the company grows.

What is a passive job candidate?

Those not actively looking for work are called passive candidates. For companies that require top level talent, they’re a necessity. Typically, passive candidates are employed and content with their current job.

What is passive and active recruiting?

Passive recruiting means courting potential candidates who are not currently looking for a job. This may sound like a waste of time, but it is actually a great investment in your talent pipeline. Since passive candidates are not actively looking for a job, they are less likely to be interviewing with other companies

What is a pipeline of candidates?

A candidate pipeline is a network of potential employees, people you know to be skilled, solid candidates for jobs that may be opening at your workplace in the future.