5 Key Interview Questions to Help You Find the Perfect Hire

The perfect candidate can be tough to find. Not only does this person need to have the right personality and business acumen, but they also need to suit your company and the position that’s available. The interview is an important step in finding this ideal candidate because it gives you the opportunity to gain insights into your candidate’s traits that you couldn’t uncover through a resume alone.

Hires are also expensive investments. If you find the perfect resume but don’t use the right interview criteria to match the candidate with your team, you might lose your perfect hire to churn several months after they join the team. Ultimately, that will lead to a costly and distracting replacement process.

There’s no foolproof interview question that will keep bad hires from happening, but we can suggest some fundamental questions that are essential to completing a holistic evaluation of any given candidate. These questions will help you determine your candidate’s attitude, motivation, cultural fit, interest fit, and competency.

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