Recruiter’s Corner


This page is dedicated to all fellow recruiters, headhunters and of course for friends and well wishers. I had been working since 2002 and have enough experience in Human Resource Management, Technology Staffing, Talent Acquisition Management & Technology Recruitment in United States. I would keep adding training material for IT Recruitment, Headhunting Techniques, Screening Approach, Resume Validation Techniques, Job Advertisement, Digital Recruitment, Search Strings, Social Media Recruitment, Interview Questions and Answers, Free Job Posting Websites, Free Websites for Resume Search, Recruiter Groups and other related information which might help you in finding the right talent for your client in a least possible time. Time is an essence in our business and this is what I had learned so far, sooner the better. If you are able to submit a candidate in couple of hours, his application would definitely move faster comparatively a killer profile which you will submit next day, week or month. In US Staffing & Consulting we are working in a close competitive environment,  most of the time positions are not exclusive to you, if you will not submit someone else will submit and close the job. Client will not wait for a 100% match, they would move and hire an average matching candidate who knows required technologies, have hands on experience and somehow amount of experience is okay too.

At the sametime, there is no point submitting a candidate when you are not sure, whether he/she is a “qualified” hence it would be a waste of time for everyone involved. Remember”time” and you need to prioritize your work accordingly, I will share some information and techniques in prioritizing the job orders later. You may look for “Round Robin” section in my blog for this topic.

I always promote new talent with fresh ideas, if you had learned or you have new ideas, feel free to share it, don’t be shy, send an email to me, I would be glad to add in my blog.

Happy Searching, hope this blog would be helpful for you; if you think so, please spread the link!!


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