Find Jobs In USA

If you are an authorized to work in United States and do have a valid work permit available i.e. H1B, EAD etc. Below is the list of major job boards of US, wherein many companies/suppliers/search firms/staffing companies post their requirements to find  a candidate. Ideally you should post your resume first then start searching for a job since if you have an account available on respective website, it would be easy to apply online with a single click

Besides Job Boards, Most of the hiring managers are posting their jobs on LinkedIn,  if you don’t have an official account on LinkedIn,  i would advise to have one, its absolutely free check 

To prepare a LinkedIn Profile, dont forget to add following 

  • Summary (A quick snapshot to let a visitor know, who you are and what you do)
  • Employment History (Date of Joining and Date of Existing should be accurate) 
  • Add R&R – Role & Responsibilities 
  • Add Achievements in each employment, if there are any
  • Add Professional Skills
  • Add Education
  • Add Professional Certifications 
  • Add How To Contact You
  • Add Employer’s Website in each employment 
  • Be More Specific while adding Job Titles,  for an instance,  do not add title as “Consultant” try to relate more with the job, one should get half the picture of your portfolio by reading your Job Titles, Recruiters do understand, titles may vary comparison to Employment Certificate 
  • Ask for recommendations from peer and managers
  • Give recommendations 
  • Join Professional Groups as per your interest 
  • Follow Influence Professionals 
  • Follow Target Employers
  • Add HR and Recruitment Team Members of target employers 

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