#hiringnow GCF & PTCRB Test Engineer at Redmond, WA ( Long Term Contract)

GCF & PTCRB Test Engineer

Redmond, WA

Long Term Contract


As a Test operator/specialist you will be responsible for certification testing & carrying out various certification testing related daily activities (Example: taking part in certification planning, test execution, error and proto handling and test system maintenance activities). You will also help in ensuring that all system testing conformance requirements for GCF and PTCRB are fulfilled in your area and customers are satisfied in terms of validity, quality and timeliness of your work.


• Bachelor degree and/or several years of experience in product certification area

• Knowledge of certification schemes (e.g. GCF / PTCRB / ETSI R&TTE)

• Cellular modem understanding (GSM, WCDMA and LTE system level understanding)

• Experience in requirement interpretations of protocol, (U)SIM, location, Data Throughput, AT command and/or NFC test specifications

• Experience in contract reviews and change management

• Knowledge of ISO17025 and understanding of accreditation

• Capability to use Microsoft Office tools efficiently

• Knowledge of basic level laboratory technical tasks for devices with cellular technologies (flashing, configuring, labelling, etc.)

• Systematic and structured working method

• Team work oriented person demonstrating good interpersonal skills and positive attitude

• Good communications skills, fluent in written and spoken English

• Willingness to take on new challenges

• Action oriented mindset

• Capability to work in dynamic environment, tolerate interruptions/ambiguities and ability work in under pressure and per hectic timelines

Desired skills:

• Experience in 2G, 3G and/or LTE conducted conformance testing area

• Knowledge of GCF and PTCRB processes, 3GPP Specifications and certification procedures

• Experience of working methods under 17025 accreditations


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