#deegitinc is #hiringnow Thermal Mechanical Engineer | Seattle, WA

Job Title: Thermal Mechanical Engineer

Location: Seattle, WA

Term: Contract Long Term

Salary/Rate: Competitive

Job Description:

  • Analyze and optimize thermal solutions for densely packaged consumer electronic products.
  • Validate design modifications for thermal concerns using simulation and measurements of physical prototypes. E
  • Establish temperature thresholds for user comfort level and component level reliability.
  • Run thermal stress software to evaluate thermal load throughout the system.
  • Design and execute tests using statistical tools to validate analytical models, identify risks and assess design margin.
  • BS, MS or PhD in ME required and/or 15+ years of relevant experience of thermal design experience in consumer electronics or similar industry.
  • Hands-on experience in design, development and launch of high-volume consumer electronic products is a must.
  • Highly skilled in CFD analysis and thermal analysis tools such as Ansys Icepak.
  • Experience implementing thermal design solutions for low cost consumer electronic products in high volume manufacturing including active and passive cooling systems.
  • Demonstrated ownership of multiple sub-systems and/or a complete simple product

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