One Year Contract For ETL (Informatica) Developer | Vienna VA | Clearance Required | 75% Remote

The ideal developer will have a range of experience in Informatica development, administration and tuning, PL/SQL, and design considerations. The candidate must also have a strong consulting background with the ability to work alone or as part of a bigger mixed development team.

Job Description

§ The ETL Developer will be responsible for the successful delivery of data warehouse solutions and related components. The candidate will have strong Informatica Work Flow development, hands-on experience implementing Informatica CDC, Informatica Tuning and Administration.

§ Understanding of the underlying technology including setup, tuning and administration

§ Ability to work as a collaborative team, mentoring and training the client on the various tools and techniques to build a complete data warehouse solution

§ Implement changes to existing data marts or create new data marts to support changes

§ Review current ETL work flows

§ Review source to target mapping, modify as required as a result of updated future state

§ Update source to target mapping and transformation algorithms

§ Implement new and modified Informatica workflows to support changes in future state

§ Perform unit testing

§ Perform functional validation on changes to data mart and ETL work flows

§ Work with client to define and perform user acceptance testing

§ Throughout project implementation change management controls

§ Upon user acceptance, implement changes to production


§ Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or other related discipline

§ 2+ years of Oracle PL/SQL experience

§ 2+ years of Informatica Development

§ 1+ year of Informatica CDC

§ 1+ year of Informatica Administration

§ Ability to test the entire solution

§ Experience collecting, analyzing and documenting user requirements

§ Excellent communications skills to interact with client and other developers, including training and mentoring of team members


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